Future of Food
Starting with India's
first animal-free dairy!

100% Real Dairy.
0% cow.

We Do Everything Is Animal-Free!

We are reinventing the meaning of traditional dairy and food industry by producing India’s first animal-free milk protein and dairy products (certainly a world’s first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation.

It's Microbes and Not Cows


(e.g. yeast)



Our Impact

Healthier Food

0% Lactose
0% Cholesterol
0% Saturated Fat
0% Antibiotics
0% Growth Hormones

Food Science

No animals
No plants
Only microbes


Better for planet
Better for human
Better for animals

Climate Friendly

99% less land consumption
98% less water consumption
84% less CO2e emissions
65% less energy consumption

Unreal Innovation In Life Science

Our Team

Sohil Kapadia

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Parini Kapadia

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


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We produce real dairy proteins made without animals. Confused? it’s rather simple! We instruct microorganism (say bacteria, yeast or fungus) to produce the same dairy protein in laboratory environment using precision fermentation. You can enjoy the real taste, texture, and nutrition of dairy made sustainably but free of lactose, antibiotics, hormones, and antibiotics.

Everyone loves dairy products and they are essential nutrients in our life but loathes the downsides of animal agriculture. Traditional dairy farming is hugely unsustainable. It’s a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and a majorly inefficient use of resources. Plant-based alternatives also are not good enough. They are inferior in terms of flavour and nutrition and have limited usability as food ingredients. We are developing delicious and ethical dairy-based milk proteins produced without cows.

Animal-free dairy proteins produced by Zero Cow Factory are identical to those found in cow’s milk as it is coming out from the same DNA of the Cow responsible for the protein production. It has the same chemical properties compare to the traditional dairy; hence no consumer behaviour change is required.

Precision fermentation uses microorganisms to produce specific functional ingredients (in our case dairy proteins like Casein & Whey).

No, our process involves genetic engineering but the final product is a pure protein without any GMOs.

Yes, as there are no animals involved.

Casein comprises around 80% of the total protein in cow’s milk, while whey accounts for the remaining 20%. Casein protein is a complete protein source and it provides all the essential amino acids your body needs for growth and muscle recovery. No casein means – no cheese, no curd!

The A2 variety does not contain the A1 beta-casein protein, which may be difficult for some people to digest. A nutrient dense A2 milk is indigenous to ancient India which comes from Gir cows (Bos primigenius indicus). We are making milk the hero again with all the goodness of A2. Human breastmilk contains only the A2 type form of beta-casein and has always been given to the babies since ages.